2019 summit

The 2019 Global People's Summit will took place on 18 September 2019.

We had participation from 174 countries, Global People's Hubs in 44 countries, 26 remote interviews and a MASSIVE global digital reach.

Following the successful 2019 Summit, we brought global voices into the United Nations during the UN General Assembly High-Level Week through the Global People's LIVE WALL
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BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum

On 18 September 2019, we are proud to co-host the 2019 BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum organized by BridgingTheGap Forums around the 74th United Nations General Assembly.  

The global forum aims to empower, engage and connect young people and influencers from around the world to innovate solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues.  By leveraging new technology and digital media, our BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum will be live-streamed as the Global People’s Summit 2019—creating a place for emerging leaders to directly engage with key decision-makers, world leaders and influencers—and putting the ideas of young people at the center of critical discussions that shape the future.

You can join the Forum LIVE from anywhere in the world from 8:30am - 6:00pm EST/NYC time.

Agenda Overview

The Power of Young People

In the past few years, we have witnessed powerful global movements demanding action on issues impacting the world such as climate change, gender inequity, increased security concerns, inequality in education and poor human rights conditions. At the forefront of many of these movements are young people.

Despite making up more than half of the population in many countries, young people are systematically left out from political, economic and social processes. Youth globally are often excluded from mainstream forms of influencing political decision-making and policy development.

However, young people are standing up. Speaking out. Mobilizing and demanding more from government leaders, institutions, brands, organizations and their communities. That’s why the Global People’s Summit is excited to partner with the BridgingTheGap Forums to bring you the BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum.


Imagine a collective responsibility for global development.


Imagine a healthy planet and the power of socially-conscious consumerism.


Imagine a world where the color of your passport and where you were born doesn't determine your opportunity.


Imagine a world with creative financing and where global agendas are not driven by donors.


Imagine if the whole world agreed that education was a basic human right.


Imagine a world where we put people at the center of our solutions and technology.


Imagine a world where governments, organizations, business and people, work together to create solutions.


Imagine a world where empathy influences our decision making and policies.


We aim to bridge opportunity gaps by uniting high-profile decision-makers with emerging young talent to co-create solutions to social and economic challenges , including the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Programming is designed to empower young people to not just have a voice, but be active contributors—positioning young people as a dynamic source of innovation and a catalyst for solutions—for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

What to Expect
Fireside chats with United Nations Officials
Leadership panels with a mix with industry experts and changemakers
Masterclasses to hack work and life
Live Performances.

Topics Include
Reimagining Education and the Future of Work
Power of Purpose: Brands and the SDGs
Next-Gen Approaches for Climate Action
Personal Health and Wellbeing in the Digital Age
Real Talk: Innovating for the Future and What it Takes
Gender Equity: Moving Beyond Acceptance, Creating Inclusive
Human Rights and Peacemaking
Social Justice and Entertainment: Pop Culture, Activism and Change


Media Influencers

LGBTQ+ Activist and Reality TV Personality Frankie J. Grande, singer/songwriter Maejor, Youtubers Adelaine Morin and Meg DeAngelis, and more.

Industry Experts

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, Former Chief Business Officer for Google X Mo Gawdat, former President of the UPS Foundation Jerald Barnes, CEO MoonExpress and Viome Naveen Jain, Director and National Lead, Sustainability and Social Impact at Deloitte Sarah Chapman, SAP Next-Gen Partner and Founder of Wofemtech Aminka Belvitt, Ontario Minister of Education Hon. Stephen Lecce, and more.

Young Changemakers

Including Countering Violent Extremism Advocates from the Kofi Annan Foundation, Obama Foundation Scholars, Forbes 30 Under 30, Canada's Top 20 Under 20 and Queen's Young Leaders.

United Nations Officials

UN Office of Partnerships, UNFCCC (climate), ITU (tech), UNESCO (education), UNICEF (innovation and youth), ILO (decent work), Girl Up (gender equality), World Food Programme (health and wellbeing) and UN Foundation.

Join the Global Forum from anywhere in the world

How to Participate?

1) Register to join the online Forum

From anywhere in the world, you can share your ideas, follow the discussions, ask speakers questions and connect with others! All you need is a laptop, phone and internet! 

Click here

2) Shape the conversation & Interact with Speakers

Share your voice and ideas on social media with the hashtag #btgtoyouth to join the conversation. Your social media content will be featured at the Forum and on the global livestream, and more importantly, sent directly to the moderator and speakers during the live programming so they can engage with you! Your voices and comments will be showcased LIVE at the Forum!

3) Gather your friends & community and host Global People's Hub

Bring the global conversation to your community. Watch parties ("Global People Hubs") are independently organized events that take place all around the world during the BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum on 18 Sept to amplify global engagement. We encourage events of all sizes. Host a Hub at your school, home, community center, office- it's super easy. Hub will receive a shoutout during our live stream.

Sign Up here

GLOBAL People's Hubs

Global People’s Hubs are independently organized events that take place all around the world during the Global People’s Summit.

Find a Global People's Hub in your area and connect with your community!  

Let's inspire collaboration, and foster innovation together.