Who We Are

The Global People’s Summit provides a space for a truly global conversation to take shape—a place where people and organizations around the world can collaborate, share best practices, foster innovation, build community, celebrate success, influence global agendas, and find new ways to translate their vision into action—together online. The Global People’s Summit democratizes access to information and conversations that shape the world. It creates a space where people are not left out of conversations because of the color of their passports, inability to travel or social status. We convene a space that is globally inclusive and not exclusive, putting narratives from around the world into the heart of the work of the UN to decision makers by leveraging technology to take conversations out of conference rooms and into an online public forums.

The Global People’s Summit is organized by the The Humanity Lab Foundation in collaboration with the United Nations Office of Partnerships. The inaugural summit was held In 2017 during the United Nations General Assembly and had a digital reach of 84 million in 160+ countries. Inaugural presenting Summit partners included United Nations Foundation, and +SocialGood (powered by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Case Foundation, Caterpillar, Cisco, Enactus, Mashable, the Rockefeller Foundation, the United Nations Development Programme, and the United Nations Foundation), International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, SDG Action Campaign and EarthX.

Our Founding Story

Shaped by personal and professional frustration with the status quo in the global development space, Hazami Barmada left the UN headquarters with a mission: to shatter siloes of access and opportunity and to empower people around the world to be the change. The moment catalyzed in 2016, when as the Coordinator of the UN Secretary-General's World Humanitarian Summit, two members of Hazami’s Summit planning team --both legal refugees in the US-- were unable to attend the Summit (that they helped plan) in Istanbul. The reason: the color of their passports.

Inspired by the idea of disruptive social innovation to reimagine global development, the Global People’s Summit was born. In 2017, she joined forces with co-founder, Erin Dunne, who shares the same values of inclusiveness, humanity and innovation.

They identified two main problems with the “do good” space:


Many people around the world are disadvantaged, marginalized and overlooked as critical partners in global development. Their voices are not heard and their impact is not showcased as our current systems privilege those who already have access to resources and opportunity. The people we leave out of critical conversations are the people closest to the problems, and are critical to creating solutions.


In parallel, we are living in times of great connectivity, rapidly developing technology and increased access to information and global mobility. Social media, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data are changing “business as usual”. Technology is not designed to-- or being used to -- fill these gaps.

They tried to find technology to bridge the gap between access, opportunity and impact. While there are many great technology tools, none facilitated global conversations. So, they built one!

We exist to shatter siloes and enable everyday people from around the world to be the change.

Our Logo, Our Ethos.

The origami bird represents our vision for sustainable development. It symbolises the individual responsibility, shared vision, and collective action needed to create a better world and end global inequality. Each individual triangle represents a person, sector, community or issue—alone, each are valuable, unique and important. But together, they tell a different story. One of community, collaboration and partnership. Each part contributes equally to forming a bird, a global symbol for peace, prosperity and progress. Sustainable development takes all of us, together.

OUR Team

Michelle Alen

Management and Strategy

Hazami Barmada

Founder and Global Curator

Jenni Choi

GPS Advisor and Partnerships

Chy Davin


Erin Dunne

Co-Founder and Executive Producer

Rania Habib

Global People's Hub Coordinator

Zaira Mughal

Director of Community and Innovation

Mohini Narasimhan

Management and Partnerships

Maria Jose Segura

Global Outreach and Policy

Advisory Council

Bryan Breckenridge

Executive Director, Box.org

Anastasia Dellaccio

Director of Global, Community, and Career Engagement, WeWork

Mo Dhaliwal

Director of Strategy, Skyrocket

Ari Eisenstat

IAAI Representative to the United Nations

Mariam Farag

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, MBC Group

Kavita Gupta

Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys

Kasey Jones

Founder and CEO, A Better Jones

William Kennedy

Senior Programme Officer, UN Office for Partnerships, United Nations

David Lincoln

Producer and Development Executive, Fusion Media Group

Susan McPherson

Founder and CEO, McPherson Strategies

Stephanie Misar

Principal Consultant, Misar Consulting

Boaz Paldi

Global Engagement Manager, United Nations Development Programme

Aaron Sherinian

Director of Global Communications, Aga Khan Development Network

Kunal Sood

Founder of X Fellows and Partner at X-Impact Group

Taryn Southern

Digital Producer, Storyteller, & Technologist, Founder of Happy Cat Media

Piyush Tewari

Founder & CEO, SaveLIFE Foundation

Michelle Zauzig

Consultant, The Giving Back Fund

2018 Global People's Summit Fellows

Joshua Kobla Adzakpa

Founder/CEO, Alliance For SDGs Network, Ghanaian/Ghana

Ibrahim Bahati

Gender Advisor, The Girls in School Initiative, Ugandan/Uganda

Zubaida Bai

Founder and CEO, Azyh, Indian/USA

Nestor Bonilla

CEO & Founder Digital Bonds / CEO & Co-founder Honey Things, Nicaraguan/Nicaragua

Laura Cook

Communications Manager, All We Can, British/UK

Jose Mateo Dela Cruz

ASEAN MyWorld 2030 Advocate, Filipino/Philippines

Enayat Safi

Managing Director, Youth for Change and Development, Afghani/Afghanistan

Damilola Fasoranti

Founder and Chief Listener, Prikkle Academy, Nigerian/Nigeria

Muhammad Fathun

Co Founder, The Leader, Indonesian/Indonesia

Francis Ametepey

Social Media and Communications Officer, Youth Advocates Ghana, Ghanaian/Ghana

Shadrack Frimpong

Founder & CEO, Cocoa360, Ghanaian/Ghana

Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi

Founder and Executive Director, Wow e.V. German-Iranian/Germany, USA

Grace Kim

Founder, The Collaborative Impact Network, Korean/USA

Nafisa Hasan

Radio Host, BBC Media Action, Dhaka, Bangladeshi/Bangladesh

Tareq Hassan

Founder, Arab Youth Sustainable Development Network (AYSDN), Yemeni/Yemen

Victoria Ibiwoye

Director, One African Child Foundation for Creative Learning, Nigerian/Nigeria

Eva Leung

Co-founder & CEO, Terra Cura Inc, Singaporean/USA

Carol Maione

Field Researcher, Social Innovation Teams, Italian/USA

Neha Mehta

Global Head of Strategy and Partnerships, LALA World, Indian/Singapore

Foluke Michael

CEO, Creative Youth Community Development Initiative, Nigerian/Nigeria

Esther Muiruri

Branch Foal Person, Kenya Red Cross, Kenyan/Kenya

Abraham Ologundudu

Executive Director, SocialGood Lagos, Nigerian/Nigeria

Reham Owda

Writer and Political Analyst, Fanack Online, Palestinian/Palestine

Esther Pang

Founder, Climate Curator, Asian-American/USA

Angela Pashayan

NGO Founder, Yoga of Devotion, Washington, African-American/USA

Deanna Ping

Labour Policy Consultant, California State Senate, Mexican-American/USA

Veronica Portugal

Founder and CEO, Paideia Civica, Mexican/Mexico

Tamkeen Rasool

Senior Manager, Accenture, Pakistani/USA

Ehsan Razavizadeh

Senior Advisor, Government and NGOs, The London Institute of Finance and Banking, Persian/UK

Sam Reetz

Founder, Millenial Ethics, American/USA

Adlai Salcedo

Digital Marketer, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Colombian-Canadian/Canada

Yosef Abeselom Samson

Managing Director, AST & ICF, Ethiopian/Ethiopia

Neeshad Shafi

Executive Director, Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar, Indian/Qatar

Joan Shang

Senior Associate, RS Group, Hong Kong/Hong Kong

Valerio O. Thompson Boco

Founder, CPEVS Training Institute, Equatorial Guinean/Equatorial Guinean

Stefania Guadalupe Vallejo

CSV, Technology & Innovation Analyst, Ecuadorian/USA

Coco Vonnegut

Associate, Global Programs, UNICEF USA, American/USA

Nathan Walworth

Co-chair of the Futurism Lab, NEXUS, Asian-American/USA

Qanbar Ali Zareh

Head of Education and Training, Afghanistan Institute of Rural Development, Afghani/Afghanistan
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