Stephanie Misar

Principal Consultant, Misar Consulting
Stephanie Misar
Principal Consultant, Misar Consulting

Stephanie Misar (pronounced Mee-Sahr) is the principal consultant at Misar Consulting: a global consultancy specializing in marketing, business and sales development, strategic partnerships, major event production and in distribution, marketing, OTT and terrestrial advertising and distribution strategy in the global multi-cultural, content, tech and media space. Before starting her own business nearly 3 years ago, Misar developed marketing, distribution, digital and business strategy for Al Jazeera English, France 24, euronews, Deutsche Welle, Arirang TV, Russia Today, CCTV, and NHK World TV, among 350 other international broadcasters, networks, content producers and channels as the head of marketing and retail at

GlobeCast WorldTV and again, as the head of marketing and digital distribution at MHz Networks. With MHz Digital, Misar strategized and developed digital content delivery experiences for programming and channels from all over the globe. She built partnerships with leading digital distribution vendors, from LG to MobiTV to Google, to grow the availability of global content in the U.S.

Previously, Misar was the Marketing Director at MHz for 7 years, where she was responsible for trade and consumer marketing & branding of 12 international TV channels in the D.C. TV market, the national TV channel, MHz Worldview, available to over 42 million U.S. TV households, and the creative direction and social footprint of all ancillary MHz brands.

Misar also headed up communications, viewer services, digital biz development, research and demographics, and advertising, as well as distribution business development and affiliate relations and worked very closely with Ambassadors and Diplomats from the countries of the networks that she developed plans for.

Having previously dabbled as an editorialist for Gannett newspapers, Misar worked as talent, producer and director in agriculture news radio, and then as an evening news reporting intern for an ABC TV affiliate- both in South Dakota- before settling into national and international public relations and marketing on the East Coast.

Wanting to give credit to the national 4-H program for its role in her childhood, Misar accepted an offer to be in charge of policy, recruitment and marketing of youth development programs at National 4-H Council, before taking over installer relations and consumer marketing duties for the American division of France Telecom in 2004.

At GlobeCast WorldTV, she was responsible for the rebranding of the consumer division, based in North America, as well as the marketing and research of more than 230 channels from around the world to Diaspora in the U.S. Misar increased the brands web presence and a consistent 30% growth of revenues each of her four years at the company through

implementation of incentive programs for the nationwide fleet of retailers and installers, developing retail point of presence best practices and leveraging viral brand marketing.

Misar is a proud Midwesterner and product of a South Dakota family pig, corn and soybean farm. She received a degree in Broadcast Journalism from South Dakota State University. You can find more about her at or on LinkedIn.

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