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Join us on 18 September 2019 for the Global People’s Summit 2019 —creating a place for emerging leaders to directly engage with key decision-makers, world leaders and influencers—and putting the ideas of young people at the center of critical discussions that shape the future.
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22 september 2018

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2018 Highlights

Digital reach of 100+ million
Global participation from 174 countries
Global People’s Hubs hosted in 44 cities
2018 Summit Highlights

The People's Goals

In 2015, the world agreed on and launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a universal call-to-action to create lasting change.

These ambitious goals unite governments, businesses, civil-society and people around one vision to achieve a better world. We believe that in order to achieve these goals, we must reframe them as THE PEOPLE’S GOALS, where everyone is part of the solution.

UNGA is the democratic heart of the United Nations where governments deliberate, design policies and make decisions on important issues that impact the world. Decision makers meet every September (since 1945) at the UN headquarters in New York City and create policies that impact us all.

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UNGA and most related-events are invite-only and selective. Security, size limitations and passport color determines who is invited, which leaves most of the world’s seven billion without a voice to shape important conversations.

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With you in mind, we have leveraged innovation to design a fully online conference experience that connects people around the world to influencers, decision makers and conversations happening around UNGA. We are putting people at the center of decision making.

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2019 global people's summit

The Power of Young People

On 18 September 2019, we are proud to co-host the 2019 BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum organized by BridgingTheGap Forums around the 74th United Nations General Assembly.  

The global forum aims to empower, engage and connect young people and influencers from around the world to innovate solutions to some of the world’s most challenging issues.  By leveraging new technology and digital media, our BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum will be live-streamed as the Global People’s Summit 2019—creating a place for emerging leaders to directly engage with key decision-makers, world leaders and influencers—and putting the ideas of young people at the center of critical discussions that shape the future.
Our theme for this year is YOUTH, visit the 2019 Summit page to learn more and join us from anywhere in the world!


Imagine a collective responsibility for global development.


Imagine a healthy planet and the power of socially-conscious consumerism.


Imagine a world where the color of your passport and where you were born doesn't determine your opportunity.


Imagine a world with creative financing and where global agendas are not driven by donors.


Imagine if the whole world agreed that education was a basic human right.


Imagine a world where we put people at the center of our solutions and technology.


Imagine a world where governments, organizations, business and people, work together to create solutions.


Imagine a world where empathy influences our decision making and policies.

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